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Amazon Plan Of Action Tips

Most sellers try to appeal their Amazon suspension without any professional help. Most amateur Plan of Actions that come across my desk are incomplete.

Here are some Amazon Plan Of Action Tips to get your Amazon account reinstated.

Don’t Use Plan of Action Templates

Do not use templates found on the Internet. Amazon receives thousands of Appeals each and every day. A large percentage of these Appeals are simply cut and paste jobs using boiler plate language found on the Internet. The Appeal might sound professional yet still get rejected. I suspect that Amazon uses sophisticated software to identify “spun” content. Thus, templates are simply put in a “do not read” pile.

Don’t Submit The Same Plan of Action Twice

I have observed that Amazon ignores Appeals that are to similar to a previous Appeal. Again, I believe this is done automatically using sophisticated software. Every time you submit a Plan of Action you want to create an entirely new document. I do not recommend that you simply fix one paragraph and submit the same Plan of Action.

Provide Concrete Evidence

You want to be incredibly specific in your Plan of Action. Specific language is treated as real. Often in the “Preventive Measures” section of the Plan of Action, sellers will just list boilerplate promises such as, “I will regularly review the Amazon Intellectual Property Policy.” I always recommend that you offer specific changes to your business processes. You also need to spell out how these changes will stop the problem from sprouting.

Amazon Plan of Action Tips

Do Not Believe the Reps

The Account Health reps will do everything in their power to tell you that you cannot escalate your Appeal. I am not sure if they are trained to dissuade this behavior or if they are simply unaware that some cases should be escalated. Either way, the reps will almost always tell you that there is no value in escalating your Appeal. This is wrong.

Do Call Account Health

It is helpful to speak with the Account Health rep. Most sellers do not take this step. However, you can often get at least one important piece of information from a rep. Often they can tell you the specific part of your Plan of Action that is causing the problem. You might have to call several times in order to get a helpful rep. I often recommend that you try three different rep. The difference between the information you can acquire is astounding. This method will test your patience.

Do Provide Documentation

You will most likely be asked to provide your invoices for verification. Amazon has gotten serious about ensuring the safety and authenticity of their products. There has been a lot of industry pressure to root out the counterfeit products. You must submit the proper documentation and you must ensure that the documentation is in the acceptable format.

Do Use Correct Formatting

A proper Appeal has three separate sections. Many sellers simply write one long paragraph. This is incorrect. You want to break up the Appeal in to the correct sections. A professional Appeal will have an introduction and a conclusion as well.

Amazon Plan Of Action Tips Conclusion

If you have decided to write your own Appeal, I hope that these Amazon Plan Of Action Tips have helped you avoid some major pitfalls. Please contact us for a free consultation about your case.

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