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Restricted Products on Amazon

Some of the most frustrating reinstatements can be for Amazon restricted products. These Amazon suspensions are usually found in the marijuana and supplements industry. Amazon has a list of restricted products that you should check regularly. Despite state laws to the contrary, you cannot sell nor advertise any CBD or THC products on Amazon.

“Products containing a cannabidiol (CBD) or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) presence, topical or ingestible, regardless of concentration level (e.g., even with THC <0.3%).”

If you are hit with this type of suspension, you need to carefully go over your entire product listing. The problem can be the CBD or THC keywords in product description, bullets or even your search keywords.

If you mistakenly used the CBD, THC or any restricted term in your listing, you must appeal for reinstatement. However, Amazon often rejects these Appeals without even reading the Appeal.

I recommend you delete your listing information that contains any problematic search terms. Wait approximately 24 hours for the system to refresh. Then use a flat file upload of all your new information. After this point you will need to call Amazon and request reinstatement. Show the rep that your new listing no longer contains the prohibited keywords. You will often run in to reps that will give you bad information to speak with the legal department. Do not listen to the bad advice. Reinstating an account for a restricted product violation can be done if you follow the right process.

Similarly, you might run into problems with FDA packaging issues with dietary supplements. A seller must be careful with making any claims of “FDA Approved” in the wrong section. For example, detail pages must not state that the supplements are “FDA approved.” Secondly, images associated with detail pages must not include the FDA logo. The FDA will also have specific labelling information for different types of products. For example, the FDA has labelling requirements for natural sleep aids. For example, an unapproved drug product cannot make the claim that your your you can “fall asleep if you have difficulty falling asleep” or that your product “helps with sleeplessness.” If your labelling falls outside of the FDA restrictions, Amazon will suspend your account. You will need to show an understanding of the FDA labelling requirements to get your account reinstated.

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